Day 37 – High Seas and Heffalumps

I'm now within 10 degrees of the International Date Line, and 11 degreesof the Equator, and I'm starting to wonder just where I'm going to landup. I'm really not too fussy, so long as it has an airport, arestaurant, and a bar. A bar with beer, and lots of it. I've been aiming for Tuvalu, although it's far from ideal – verydifficult for my shore … Continued

Day 9 – Does It Have My Name On It?

I used to take weather very personally. When I was rowing the Atlantic, just over 3 years ago, I used to imagine that helpful weather was some kind of a reward, and unfavorable conditions had been sent to teach me a lesson. I don’t know if this sprang from some kind of Hollywood myth, or classical mythology, or just from my own confused psyche, but … Continued

Day 65: Sense and Self-Sufficiency

One of the questions in Saturday’s podcast Q&A has got me reflecting on how my boat really is a perfect little unit of self-sufficiency. The solar panels provide more than enough electricity for my needs, if my watermaker was working I would have an endless supply of water, and if I decided to fish I would have an endless supply of food. Even as it … Continued