Tight Jeans and Tipping Points

Yesterday I hit a personal “tipping point” that may sounds trivial in the overall scheme of things, but it gave me some useful insights into human psychology. Ever since I arrived in Hawaii on Sept 1, my weight has been creeping up, little by little, pound by pound. Jeans got a bit tighter, my face got a bit rounder – but the change was never … Continued

Bring Me A Bigger Plate: Greedy For Life

Salem, Oregon Tiger Lee is seriously autistic. During his first few years of life, he rarely stopped screaming, fought against bathing, couldn’t stand to be put in his car seat …. Last night I stayed with the Lee family near Salem, Oregon. After reading Linda’s book online that morning, I was distinctly nervous about what I would find. A screaming child, exhausted parents, a resentful … Continued