The RozTracker is an interactive tracker, powered by EpicTracker, that you can use to follow Roz’s progress across the Pacific, and see exactly where she was when she posted blogs, photos, videos, and audio recordings. Thanks to her onboard Field Tracker 2000 unit, made by Solara, Roz’s GPS positions are updated automatically throughout the day. Click on the Roz icon to see how fast Roz has been rowing, how far she’s gone, and how close she is to various islands around the Pacific Ocean. The Graphs button allows you to display various parameters and choose a date range so you can evaluate Roz’s voyage statistics. The Journal button shows a news feed of all Roz’s social media with postings in date order.

Go Roz Go Contest: Guess when Roz will arrive!

RozTracker is powered by EpicTracker