Mindmaps for Averting Mental Meltdown

Forgive the prolonged online absence. Time seems to have speeded up since the World Fellows retreat at the end of October, and as we draw into the closing 3 weeks of the program the tempo is increasing yet further towards terminal velocity. The good news is that the threads of this semester seem to be drawing together into a coherent picture, and even (dare I … Continued

The Joy of Journaling

I promised you a blog on journaling. And I am a woman of my word. This blog will be a summary of the workshop that I gave during the recent World Fellows retreat at Race Brook Lodge in Massachusetts. Throughout history, many great leaders and other prominent figures have kept journals – a blessing to biographers. Oscar Wilde, one of history’s more colourful diarists, wrote: … Continued

What Does The World Expect From The Next US President?

Yesterday four of the World Fellows held a panel discussion here at Yale as part of our Hot Coffee, Hot Issues series. This one was entitled: What does the world expect from the next US President? (Throughout this blog I will refer to the “next US President”, although of course the “next” one could be the same guy as the present one.) Martin was moderating … Continued

Yale Tales No.8: Double Retreat Treats

With just six weeks to go, I give an update from the Yale World Fellows Program. I’ve just been to two back-to-back retreats, one with the World Fellows, and one with the Pleiades Network for environmentally-minded women in leadership. Show Notes: Hurricane Sandy about to hit New Haven. At least my apartment building won’t capsize! Race Brook Lodge retreat with World Fellows: Myers Briggs – I … Continued