Wishing You A Fabulous (And Courageous) Summer!

Hi folks! A quick note to let you know that, as of tonight, I’m going offline and off on retreat to write my book. I’ll be back in late August(ish). I’m feeling excited about it, in the same way I used to get excited about my ocean rowing voyages – a sense of tingling potential, mingled with a knot of apprehension at leaping once more into the unknown. … Continued

Where Are All The Women?

I’ve been doing some interesting reading recently about women in the workplace – or, all too often, NOT in the workplace. I’ve distilled some snippets for your delectation, and offered some thoughts. This blog post runs longer than usual, so grab a beverage, pull up a chair, and give me a few minutes of your time. From The Heroine’s Journey, by Maureen Murdock… Women make up … Continued

My Favourite TED Talks – and signing off for October

I’ll be away traveling and speaking for the rest of the month, so it seems like a good time to take a bit of a holiday from my blog (a blogiday?). I’ll be back in November. So for your delectation in my absence, here are a few of my favourite TED Talks. Enjoy! Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability. The powerful and self-deprecating talk that spawned … Continued

My Top Ten Books of the Year

And now for something completely different! This year I’ve made a concerted effort to read more books. There is so much wisdom to be gleaned from those who have gone before. During my ocean rowing years it was easy to get my “reading” done while at sea – I listened to a total of 270 audiobooks on my way across three oceans… although I confess that … Continued