Sinking In?

It is now a week since I arrived in Madang. Which means it is a week since I became the first woman to row solo all the way across the Pacific. Which you would have thought would be a pretty amazing feeling. Maybe I could even be forgiven for being just a little bit proud of myself. But to be honest, this is not really … Continued

Madang Gets Even More Beautiful

I have just a few minutes before I head out to dinner with some new friends, but I just wanted to share these pictures from Madang. Today I spoke at the Tusbab High School, and my presentation was followed by a cleanup along the beach road. I promised the students that I would share these pictures with the world, as a good example of something … Continued

Happy Oceans Day – Or Sad Oceans Day

Happy Oceans Day! Although in reality our oceans are not happy – in fact, they are in a seriously sorry state. Forgive me if I get sentimental for a few moments here. Over the last couple of months I have had something of an epiphany, and I feel the need to share. Until this year, I felt uncomfortable when people tried to label me as … Continued

I’d Like To Be… Under The Sea

I’ve just got back from one of the best day’s diving I have ever experienced. The water was clear, the corals were prolific and colourful, in every shape you can imagine. But best of all were the enormous sea anemones – I swear one was as large across as I am tall – with their cute little resident clownfish squiggling around between their tentacles. If … Continued

It’s Been Special

Was I really ever worried that there would be nobody to greet me in Madang? Did I really think I was going to skulk quietly into town and then go and buy myself a solitary beer of celebration? Really? Really??!! Nothing could have been further from what actually happened here this morning. An estimated five thousand people came down to the harbour to greet me … Continued

Day 48 – Arrived!

On Friday June 4th 2010 Roz rowed into the harbour at Madang, Papua New Guinea, to a rapturous welcome by 5000 people. Jan Messersmith writes about his encounter with Roz: Sir Peter Barter wrote: Roz Savage arrived in Madang this morning at 0800. The former Governor of Madang Province, Sir Peter Barter, said she was escorted in by a flotilla of 100 traditional canoes … Continued

Day 47 a – Phone Call from Roz

Posted by Rita Savage. Position at 18.14 Thursday June 3rd Madang time: -05.28783S  145.92007E More visitors: aboard Sir Peter Barter’s motor yacht Kalibobo Spirit. A number of people from Madang arrived to give Roz a tremendous message of welcome – and a basket of fruit! They are looking forward to welcoming her to Madang in the morning. Announcement: The name drawn from those who paid … Continued

Day 47 – Another Visitor

Latest position: -05.32717S 146.04131E Posted by Rita Savage on Thursday June 3rd. Following the visit by Sir Peter Barter on his helicopter, Roz has had another visitor. On Thursday morning Jan Messersmith, a resident of Madang, went out on his boat “Faded Glory” to make contact with Roz.  This is part of the message he later sent to me: “I went out at about 09:00 … Continued

Day 46 – Headwind

Update byRita, after speaking to Roz at 7.15am Madang time. Roz has reported that a headwind is making her progress extremely slow and she cannot possibly reach Madang by 2pm Thursday. This has been reported to those who are organising the welcome for her in Madang, rearranged for 6pm. About midday Roz will be contacted again to see how she is progressing. She only has … Continued