You’re Going To Love This. I Do!

The highlights of Stage 2 – 104 days condensed into 1:40 mins. If only the voyage had been this easy! It’s pretty dynamic, so get ready, brace yourself, pay attention, sit back and enjoy – here we go….! Roz Savage Pacific Row Stage 2 Highlights All due credit to Dawn Pasinski – hasn’t she done an amazing job?! Huge thanks also to ScubaDrew and Ray … Continued

The Ups and Downs of Ocean Rowing

In the third of my reviews of Stage 2 of the Pacific row, I look at the dramas, frustrations and triumphs of life on the ocean wave. Some you win, some you lose, but at least it stops life being boring…. Dramas: Fortunately no major dramas this time around – no doubt to Texino’s disappointment. No broken oars, no capsizes, no airlifts, no Hunks on … Continued

Magic Moments

Continuing my retrospective on Stage 2 of the Pacific, there are a few special moments that will live on in my memory long after my calluses have peeled off and my suntan/burn has faded. Share these with me as we bask in the afterglow of my voyage… 1. Spectacular departure from Hawaii, escorted out of the Ala Wai Harbor at sunset by a flotilla of … Continued

Brocade and Body – Both Recovering

Remembering the huge problems we had trying to find a suitable place in Hawaii for Brocade to hibernate last winter between Stages 1 and 2 of my Pacific row, it is nothing short of miraculous that Nicole has been able to find an ideal spot here on the tiny, densely populated island of Tarawa. Brocade’s new home is at the Marine Training Centre, and we … Continued