Day 92: Things I Am Looking Forward To?

.Not saying I’ve missed these things, because it is just a different existence out here – but they are all things I enjoy that I haven’t been able to do for over three months now: And now that the end of my voyage is drawing near, I am starting to think about my “other” life again – my life on dry land. – bathing in … Continued

Day 89: A Watery Walkabout

I aspire to be happy, healthy, and wise. I think many of us do. And for me, once I’d figured out that my old materialistic lifestyle was not making me especially happy, I needed to find a new set of values. These were pretty fundamental questions I was asking, a major change of life direction. I had a wonderful month in early 2004 when I … Continued

Day 91: First Signs of Land

Today I saw five birds, all circling my boat at the same time. This in itself was unusual – I often see a solitary bird, sometimes two, but this was positively a crowd. And the other unusual thing was that they were tweeting to each other. Then, later on, I saw another bird, on its own, and it was tweeting too. This may not sound … Continued

Day 88 Dealing with Boredom and Loneliness

A few days ago Erin A asked this question: Please share more of your wisdom on how you have trained your mind to deal with boredom, fear and loneliness. We all know it is all in the mind but then that is no easy task for everyone. I don’t specifically train my mind in advance of my rows, but I do have a few tricks … Continued