Day 82: Attitude of Gratitude

I was talking with the guys on the JUNK the other night about the things that we are looking forward to when we get back to dry land. Our wants were simple – crisp sheets, hot showers, cold drinks, and beer might possibly have been mentioned. (In answer to the several people who asked about our dinner party drinks, alas there was neither wine nor … Continued

Day 81: Water, Water . . .

I feel the need to make a confession. There’s something I’ve been keeping very quiet about. (Podcast listeners will already know this.) On 1st July my backup watermaker broke, and has not worked since. There I was, sitting on deck, pumping steadily on the manual watermaker, when the water stopped dripping from the product pipe and started spouting from the innards of the machine instead. … Continued

Day 80: A Pile of JUNK

Unusually, I am writing this blog mid-afternoon. Normally I wait until my day’s rowing is over and get out my laptop at about 9.30pm, but today the JUNK has asked me to stop rowing for a while so they can catch up with me, so I find myself with time on my hands – and even on the ocean I don’t like to waste time. … Continued

Day 79: All In The Mind

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven.” (John Milton) A lot of people were mystified why, having survived but not enjoyed one ocean crossing, I would want to do another. There are many reasons why I am rowing the Pacific – first and foremost being the environmental message – but another key … Continued

Day 78: Fore Cabin

No rendezvous with the JUNK today. Several times today we have checked in with each other by satphone to compare positions, and they are slowly but surely gaining on me. Maybe tomorrow. So, in the meantime, back to the guided tour of the Brocade and her cabins. Today, the fore cabin – and another one of my dodgy drawings. Hey, I’m a rower, not a … Continued

Day 77: JUNK Males

Today has been an odd day. After so many days at sea, I had got into quite a routine, which swung along easily without requiring too much mental energy or concentration. But today the weather, and circumstances, have been conspiring to shake things up around here. This is not a bad thing. It’s just a thing. The last couple of nights have been squally, making … Continued

Day 76: JUNK Bond

Picture: JUNK Learn more -click for their website. Today, after several days of failed attempts, I finally managed to make contact with the good ship JUNK, on her way from California to Hawaii to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans. Sound familiar?! Navigator Joel picked up the satphone, and I spoke to him and to Dr Marcus Eriksen. I’d spoken to Marcus before, … Continued

Day 75: 08/08/08 ? Olympic Hopes

Tomorrow the Olympics begin – in fact, given the time difference between Beijing and my own personal time zone 800 miles east of Hawaii, maybe they already have begun. I’d like to take this chance to wish good luck to all the competitors, and also to reflect on the spirit of competition. A friend of mine who knows about these things once told me that … Continued

Day 74: Food, Food, Glorious Raw Food

I’ve been interested in food all my life, and interested in raw foods since I went on a retreat over Christmas and New Year this last year – the chef at the retreat centre was very into raw foods, and I gleaned as much information as I could while I was there. It was a relatively new concept to me, but it seemed to make … Continued

Day 73: Brocade – The Guided Tour

One of the things that has really impressed me about the comments and messages I receive is just how good some people are at putting themselves in my place, identifying with my issues, and understanding my life. Considering that most people have never rowed across an ocean, or even seen an ocean rowboat, this is quite a feat of imagination and empathy. Even though I’d … Continued