Sinking In?

It is now a week since I arrived in Madang. Which means it is a week since I became the first woman to row solo all the way across the Pacific. Which you would have thought would be a pretty amazing feeling. Maybe I could even be forgiven for being just a little bit proud of myself. But to be honest, this is not really … Continued

Madang Gets Even More Beautiful

I have just a few minutes before I head out to dinner with some new friends, but I just wanted to share these pictures from Madang. Today I spoke at the Tusbab High School, and my presentation was followed by a cleanup along the beach road. I promised the students that I would share these pictures with the world, as a good example of something … Continued

Happy Oceans Day – Or Sad Oceans Day

Happy Oceans Day! Although in reality our oceans are not happy – in fact, they are in a seriously sorry state. Forgive me if I get sentimental for a few moments here. Over the last couple of months I have had something of an epiphany, and I feel the need to share. Until this year, I felt uncomfortable when people tried to label me as … Continued