Good Luck, Mos!

On Saturday my erstwhile crewmate, Andrew Morris, will set out to row from Bristol to London via the inland waterways. Originally, of course, this was supposed to be the lap of honour after our row across the North Atlantic, but since icebergs kyboshed our plans the scope had to be radically adjusted. More details, including Mos’s inland route, are on the OAR website. Do please … Continued

Moving On

Thank you for all the supportive comments about the sad postponement of our North Atlantic row. The OAR team has very much appreciated your kind words at this rather trying time. After bidding a very sad farewell to our wonderful friends in St John’s, Newfoundland, I am now back in Britain, spending the weekend with my mother in Leeds while the country celebrates the Queen’s … Continued

Decision: North Atlantic Row Postponed

I had hoped that this would be a final blog to bid farewell to dry land before we started our voyage across the North Atlantic. But if you’ve been following my blog over the last couple of weeks you will have noticed our growing concern about the unusually large quantities of ice off the coast of Newfoundland, largely due to the huge chunk of ice that … Continued

The Biggest Berg

“That’s the biggest iceberg I’ve ever seen in these waters,” said Harry Spurrell, our host, as he took us on a tour of the icebergs around Torbay in Newfoundland today. We were out in his speedboat to get up close and personal with the bergs that could impede our progress across the North Atlantic. From Torbay we could see three major bergs, impressive and majestic, … Continued