Events in California

Life has been busy for the last couple of weeks as we toil away on pre-expedition preparations. A month from now we will be on standby to depart from St John’s, Newfoundland, and we are entering the crucial final phase of the countdown. More news on that in a future blog (hopefully this week, time permitting) but meanwhile I wanted to let you know about … Continued

Yale World Fellowship: It All Comes Good

27th November 2011 Email from Roz Savage to Vince Perez: I’d like to pose a question. In considering my plans for the next chapter of my life, I am considering the possibility of a postgraduate degree. My goals would be: – improve my knowledge of subjects such as environmental science, psychology, ecology, economics, philosophy and quantum physics – all of which I believe will have … Continued

Serendipity in Sedona – Part II: Fit at Fifty

This is a different kind of serendipity than the one mentioned in my last blog. This Serendipity is a small ocean rowboat formerly owned by my friend, Sarah Outen, first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean (her book is available here). Serendipity, aka Dippers, was her trusty craft for the 124-day crossing. And to be strictly accurate, Dippers wasn’t in Sedona, but 20 … Continued

Serendipity in Sedona – Part I: Love and Grace

While in Sedona I was staying with Jan Messersmith, diver, photographer, blogger and missionary, and his new wife, Grace. The last time I had seen Jan was in Papua New Guinea, where he had lived for over 30 years. I well remember that day in the Solomon Sea, when I was still a day or so away from my destination port of Madang, when we … Continued

Sedona: Can You Feel The Force?

It had been a hard week’s work in Phoenix, Arizona, doing 3 presentations and a multitude of interviews for National Geographic, and I felt in need of some rest and recuperation. So I headed a couple of hours north into the desert, to the small town of Sedona, pop 10,031, founded 1902, elevation 4,500. I had never been to Sedona before, but had been intrigued … Continued

Valentine’s Message: I <3 Earth

What better way to spend the Valentine’s weekend than expressing love and appreciation for…. you’ve guessed it, Planet Earth. Not very romantic, maybe, but surely you wouldn’t expect me to get all hearts-and-flowers and sentimental in my blog, would you?! I expressed my appreciation last weekend by reconnecting with nature in Sedona, Arizona, via my camera lens. I love the way that photography helps to … Continued

Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain

Yesterday my life as an eco campaigner reached new heights – or depths. I spent much of the day talking crap – or maybe I should say, about crap. As I crouched next to a sewage outfall under Putney Bridge, I couldn’t help thinking what a very strange thing it was to be pontificating on camera about London’s problem with poo. Many strategies that make … Continued

Happy New Year! (Belated)

Wishing you a very happy New Year. How is it treating you so far? Well, I hope. My new year has been exciting, but not in a bloggable kind of a way. I’ve been busy working on my plans for this summer’s expedition and making revisions to my Pacific book, but neither of those things are very interesting to report. And I’m increasingly a believer … Continued

2011 in Pictures

I’m continuing in the tradition of the last couple of years, and posting a slideshow featuring the highlights of the last 12 months. And what a year it has been…. – Antarctica: spectacular, amazing, jaw-dropping, and must-do-again – Australia: wonderful people, bizarre animals, and apparently difficult to leave (!) – Indian Ocean: tough one – long, rough, and (thank heavens) over! – Hectic autumn: California, … Continued

Wall To Wall Adventurers at Buckingham Palace

I am still pinching myself to make sure that I am not dreaming. Last night’s reception for adventurers at Buckingham Palace was simply jaw-dropping. It is a testament to the irresistible allure of royalty that practically every big name in contemporary British exploration was there. I only wish that I could share photos of it with you, but no cameras or mobile phones were allowed, … Continued