Staying the Right Way Up

A lot has happened since I last blogged – in oh so many ways. But first I want to send my commiserations to the crew of the James Robert Hanssen, attempting to become the first crew to row from mainland Africa to mainland US. A couple of days ago I found out that on Day 73 of their epic row, they had suffered an irrecoverable … Continued

Forthcoming Speaking Engagements

I am bracing myself for a couple of crazy months of travel and speaking, starting in just a few days from now. Blog posts may be fewer and further between while I am on the road, but I will do my best to keep you up to date with my adventures. Or, if you find yourself in the vicinity of any of the events listed … Continued

Top 5 Films on Plastic Pollution

Last weekend I was up at my mother’s house, retrieving the last of my possessions from her garage to move them down to a storage unit in London. For somebody who thought she didn’t have much stuff – and prided herself on the fact – I suddenly seem to have a lot of clobber. Old photo albums, framed college photos, slides, negatives, and press clippings, … Continued

Five Favourite Feelgood Blogs

I’m usually too busy trying to keep up with my own life to be very good at reading other people’s blogs. However, there are five blogs that I read regularly, and would like to recommend. I receive all of them via email into my Inbox, significantly increasing my chances of actually reading them. (If you want to receive my blog via email, make sure you … Continued