Why Alaska?

Today I am trading blogs with Eric McKittrick of Ground Truth Trekking. She and her husband, Hig, live in Alaska with their two small children, and bring attention to the beauty and challenges of the Alaskan wilderness by exploring their state and sharing their experiences online, as well as through films and books.¬†Erin has written a beautiful blog, with some amazing photographs. I can see … Continued

Is it worth it?

Leeds, UK (Rita Savage) One frozen, foggy, frosty day in December Roz and I were filmed and interviewed by Yorkshire TV in Roundhay Park in Leeds, and later at my home. The resulting TV documentary will be shown in the Yorkshire area on March 12th – one year minus one day since Roz’ arrival in Antigua at the end of her epic row across the … Continued

A Life on the Ocean Wave

“Make up! Make up!” No, not with lipstick and mascara – with the ropes! While actually sailing on the Prince William it was necessary at times to turn the ship and turn the sails to catch the wind. The command for that was “Bracing Stations, Bracing Stations”. Half the crew raced to the port side, and half to the starboard; one side to heave on … Continued

Why Do We Go? Guest Blog

Adventurers Club of Los Angeles I received these words in an email from Frank Betush of the Adventurers’ Club in LA. I was so impressed with his succinct summary of the appeal of solo adventuring, I wanted to share. “I religiously enjoy solo bike touring – miles days and weeks of open road, long periods at a repetitive task. You used the term, ‘liberating’. Yes. … Continued