Women of Courage #4: Dame Stephanie Shirley – A Life Worth Saving

“I’m only alive because so long ago, I was helped by generous strangers… I decided to make mine a life that was worth saving.” — Dame Stephanie Shirley   YouTube           iTunes               RSS (Android users can enter the link into their podcast client and subscribe directly)   Dame Stephanie Shirley is, by any standard, an over-achiever. Tech entrepreneur, … Continued

Be True To Your Own Definition Of Success

I hadn’t really wanted to be in the Atlantic Rowing Race. But I fell in love with a particular boat (bad idea!) and it happened to belong to the organiser of the Atlantic race, and it was a condition of purchase that I compete in the race. So I did. I tried to wriggle out of that clause of the contract, but failed, and so … Continued

Where Are All The Women?

I’ve been doing some interesting reading recently about women in the workplace – or, all too often, NOT in the workplace. I’ve distilled some snippets for your delectation, and offered some thoughts. This blog post runs longer than usual, so grab a beverage, pull up a chair, and give me a few minutes of your time. From The Heroine’s Journey, by Maureen Murdock… Women make up … Continued

Will Hard Work Make You Rich?

Let’s take another look at last week’s Myth #4: “If you don’t have enough money, it’s because you’re not working hard enough.” So is there indeed a correlation between work and income? More work = more income? Let’s gather a few facts. I’ll focus mostly on the US and the UK, with apologies to my readers in other countries. Please do post a comment and let … Continued

Why Do We Keep On Doing Jobs We Don’t Like?

Why do we keep on doing jobs we don’t like? Our culture has created a series of stories about work – stories that I would like to challenge. Money (and/or the stuff it can buy) makes you happy. To get the money to make you happy, you work. If you’re not happy enough, it’s because you don’t have enough money. If you don’t have enough money, it’s because you’re not … Continued