Staying the Right Way Up

A lot has happened since I last blogged – in oh so many ways. But first I want to send my commiserations to the crew of the James Robert Hanssen, attempting to become the first crew to row from mainland Africa to mainland US. A couple of days ago I found out that on Day 73 of their epic row, they had suffered an irrecoverable … Continued

Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain

Yesterday my life as an eco campaigner reached new heights – or depths. I spent much of the day talking crap – or maybe I should say, about crap. As I crouched next to a sewage outfall under Putney Bridge, I couldn’t help thinking what a very strange thing it was to be pontificating on camera about London’s problem with poo. Many strategies that make … Continued

Spend Your Sunday With Jack Johnson and Bag It

I am delighted to pass along a message from my friends at Bag It, a movie about the ubiquitous plastic bag. What Supersize Me did for McDonalds, and The Age of Stupid did for CO2, Bag It does for plastic bags. They have organised a “Month of Sundays” to highlight this issue at a time of year when we are doing more than our usual … Continued

Making Waves in Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, might not seem like the obvious place to hold an ocean symposium, but that is precisely what the Colorado Ocean Coalition did, and it was a great success. It is a little known (and somewhat disputed) fact that, despite being completely landlocked and perched high above sea level, Colorado has the highest number of scuba divers per capita in the US. So maybe … Continued

T Minus 7 (Yes, 7!): Boat Shed Debrief

I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who came along to the UWA Boat Shed for our fundraising event last night, and contributed to a very successful and memorable evening. We raised about $2,000, and had a tremendous time to boot. It was fantastic to see so many people there, and thanks also to those who joined us for an afterglow event … Continued

Event: This Thursday in Perth, Australia

This Thursday I will be speaking at the University of Western Australia Boat Shed on Hackett Drive in Crawley. 6pm. In fact, you kind of get two for the price of one, because I will be “in conversation with” James Lush from ABC Perth. More information here. So if you happen to find yourself in Perth, join us, or if you know somebody who lives … Continued

Volunteers Wanted To Help Organise Blog Archive

I started drafting a blog about the pirate issue that has been so much on my mind (and on my Twitter) over the last few weeks. But I need to consult with a couple more experts before I am ready to go public with my revised plan. Meanwhile, I have an important request to make. Newcomers to the website would find it extremely difficult to … Continued

Highlights of 2010

It has been quite a year. A quick round-up, in words and pictures…. Countries visited – 12: United Kingdom USA Ecuador Canada Kiribati Papua New Guinea Malaysia Cambodia Philippines Thailand Hong Kong Turkey Presentations given: 47 1 in Vail 3 in Seattle 1 in Ecuador (TED) 3 in Papua New Guinea 1 in Malaysia 4 in Philippines 30 on speaking tour 2 in Istanbul 2 … Continued

Roz Heading for California

Published by her mother, Rita Savage. As we reach the end of the second week of Roz’s official speaking tour, all is going well and Roz is enjoying meeting people whom she has only met previously through emails and comments on her blogs. Her presentations have been well received, and further funds added to her Indian Ocean funds. See below a list of the dates … Continued