2011 in Pictures

I’m continuing in the tradition of the last couple of years, and posting a slideshow featuring the highlights of the last 12 months. And what a year it has been…. – Antarctica: spectacular, amazing, jaw-dropping, and must-do-again – Australia: wonderful people, bizarre animals, and apparently difficult to leave (!) – Indian Ocean: tough one – long, rough, and (thank heavens) over! – Hectic autumn: California, … Continued

Day 36 – A Parcel of Peace

Dictated by Roz at 21.36   and transcribed by her mother Rita Savage Position: -08.10850S,  152.09482E My blog to you tonight is a little parcel of peace. But before you open it, find somewhere quiet. It doesn’t have to be quiet around you as long as it is quiet within you. Peace is very fragile, and you don’t want non-peace to get into the box. So … Continued

Day 29 – the Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Done

Dictated by Roz at 19.48 local time on May 17th and transcribed by her mother Rita Savage. Position: -06.57845  154 30750 I don’t suppose I can put it off any longer. It is confession time, and please before you are tempted to wag your finger at me, bear in mind that I didn’t have to tell you this. I could have kept it quiet, and … Continued

Day 26 – If this is Eventful, Can I have Boring Back Please

Dictated by Roz at 21.17 on 14th May, and transcribed by her mother, Rita Savage. Position: -05.19215S, 154.35426 Today was eventful. Mostly in ways that made me wish for boring. It got off to an early start about 4am when I checked my GPS. I was happy with my nice west/southwesterley course that got me safely past Cape Henpan but during the last few hours … Continued

Day 22 – Three’s a Crowd

Dictated by Roz at 20.37 on Monday 10th May. Transcribed by Rita Savage – with difficulty as the voice message broke up from time to time. Position: -04.25812S, 157.66557 Today I had rather more company than I wanted and saw more people in one day than I saw in 104 days last year. They saw rather more of me than I would have liked. It … Continued

Day 21 – Extreme Dreams

Dictated by Roz savage and transcribed by her mother Rita Savage, due to email failure. Position: at 21.50 on the 9th May. -04.11930S, 158.68321E My subconscious is throwing up the weirdest things these days and I seem to be having a field day with my dreams; myself, I don’t attribute too much significance to them. I think they just mean that I am not sleeping … Continued

Day 13: Kettle Overboard

This is Roz’s blog for May 1st, just before all her technology went wrong. Maybe because it is day 13 but today has not been a good one. The main casualty has been my 12v electric kettle that I use to boil water. Tonight I was bringing my kettle out on deck ready to rehydrate my dinner. A sudden a wave lurched the boat and … Continued

Day 12 – Whale Ahoy!

Today has felt like rather an eventful day – which is a good thing. The ocean can be a very monotonous place, especially when seen from the surface on a slow-moving rowboat. It started with my first marine megafauna sighting. At about 8am today a whale came to check me out. He announced his presence by blowing out loudly through his blowhole, and proceeded to … Continued

TED Mission Blue: Mission Possible?

I wrote this blog on Monday on the plane on the way to Tarawa, but it has taken me a while to get online. Apologies for any consternation caused. Liz Fischer and I are about to head off to the Marine Training Centre to see how my boat has fared since I last saw her in September last year, and to start prepping her for … Continued

BB2B Day 10 – He Who Controls The Wind Controls All The Ships

When I am on the ocean I dream a lot. On dry land, less so, but last night was an exception. Maybe the monotony of the landscape we have been traversing since we reached Holland has triggered the same dream response that the ocean does. My dreams are usually not much more than a re-hash of the day’s sensory input, jumbled up into some surreal … Continued