Nutrition – Atlantic

A typical day’s menu during the race was: Breakfast: Oats 2 Go with all the trimmings – hemp protein powder, dried whole milk, nuts, dried fruit, ground ginger and cinnamon Lunch: Scrambled eggs with ham (using rehydrated omelette pieces and dried milk) with seasoning and freeze-dried herbs Dinner: Cod and Potato Casserole with added freeze-dried prawns, peas and sweetcorn Snacks throughout the day and night: … Continued

Reunion with Sedna

Tampa, Florida Yesterday I was reunited with my ocean rowboat, Sedna Solo. I hadn’t seen her for over a year, since I left Antigua one week after finishing the Atlantic Rowing Race. She’d had a few adventures in the meantime, dawdling through the Caribbean, and I really didn’t know what kind of shape she would be in – especially after her boatnapping in Antigua. Just … Continued

This Time Last Year…

Green River, Utah Exactly twelve months ago today, I arrived in Antigua after 103 days alone on the Atlantic Ocean. The feeling was incredible – after struggling for so long on my own, to see all these people lined up along the cliffs and the quayside in English Harbour, coming out in their boats to escort me in, applauding and cheering and smiling…. … and … Continued

Time is Ticking

White Salmon, WA This is my lovely new G-Shock watch from the people at Casio. During the Atlantic row my old G-Shock was one of my most cherished pieces of equipment. Solar-powered, it never needed a new battery, and with up to 4 alarm settings, I could use it to tell me when another ten minutes of my shift had passed once it got too … Continued

Lights Camera Action Row

Leeds, Yorkshire Today was spent performing for the cameras, on the water and off. YTV are making a documentary about my Atlantic row as part of their successful series ‘Is It Worth It?’. Today we recorded action shots and interviews to supplement the footage I shot on the ocean. This morning I was out on the water in a foggy Roundhay Park. We were greeted … Continued


Rita Savage You can see the video clips in your own home of Roz on her boat Sedna during the Atlantic Rowing Race. DVD can be ordered from this website. Click on Support Roz, then Donate, to order through PayPal. Prices: GBP 5 USD 10 EUR 8 All including packing and postage. SALE: Plenty of her Peru calendars still available at reduced prices: GBP 4, … Continued

Atlantic Anniversary

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico It is exactly one year since I set out from La Gomera to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic. My first dispatch shows I didn’t get off to a promising start. It’s hard now to identify with that nervous ocean rower taking her first tentative strokes in between hanging over the side of the boat to be sick. By the end of … Continued

Sedna: Damsel in Distress?

Woodside, CA The picture at the top is how I last saw Sedna – all safely tucked up, free of charge, in Hugh Bailey’s boatyard on Antigua. The picture at the bottom is apparently where she is now. It may not look too bad, but I am so very worried. First, she was moved without my permission or knowledge. Second, she appears to be in … Continued

Spectra Watermakers: Lifesavers

San Rafael, CA My most vital piece of equipment on the Atlantic was my watermaker. Yesterday I went to see where it was made, and to meet the President of Spectra Watermakers, Bill Edinger, himself a keen yachtsman. It was immensely reassuring to see the rigorous testing that the watermakers go through before they leave the factory. My Spectra served me well throughout my 103-day … Continued

Royal Navy Supports Roz

Fleet HQ, Portsmouth The Royal Navy has agreed in principle to support my Pacific row. We are still working out the details and I am meeting with various branches of their organisation to do so, but I am very excited about this development. The RN also supported my Atlantic row, giving me underwater escape training in their ‘Dunker’ and delivering me a Valentine’s card in … Continued