2011 in Pictures

I’m continuing in the tradition of the last couple of years, and posting a slideshow featuring the highlights of the last 12 months. And what a year it has been…. – Antarctica: spectacular, amazing, jaw-dropping, and must-do-again – Australia: wonderful people, bizarre animals, and apparently difficult to leave (!) – Indian Ocean: tough one – long, rough, and (thank heavens) over! – Hectic autumn: California, … Continued

Antarctica Day 10: A Fitting Epitaph

Seen today on the scales in the ship’s fitness room: “Travel is not about where you’ve been, but what you’ve gained.” Haha. To be sure, I have gained an awful lot over the last 10 days, in every sense – experiences, friends, insights, and pounds (to clarify – not pounds sterling, alas, but pounds lard.) I’d like to say a huge thank you to all … Continued

Antarctica Day 8: Taking the Polar Plunge

Sunrise 0443, Sunset 2203 Position 64 degrees 35.60′ South, 62 degrees 41.54′ West This lunchtime I took the plunge – literally. All passengers on board the Explorer were invited to do the “Polar Plunge”, a quick leap into the 32 degree (0 degrees Celsius) waters of the Southern Ocean. Admittedly, not many chose to accept the invitation, being much too sensible. But I just wanted … Continued

Antarctica Day 5: A Little Bit of Paradise (Bay)

Sunrise 0428, Sunset 2217 Paradise Bay, 64 degrees 53.9′ South, 62 degrees 52.7′ West Today was simply too gorgeous for words. I spent much of the day with my mouth hanging open, in complete awe of our surroundings. I hadn’t slept well last night, due to the rolling of the boat (ironic!) so this afternoon I was sorely tempted to skip the zodiac trip and … Continued