Adventure Podcast #26: Arita Baaijens, Desert (and Mountain) Explorer

I loved this wide-ranging and in-depth conversation with Arita Baaijens, a Dutch biologist, explorer, photographer and the author of several books and numerous articles. She has carried out more than 25 expeditions (3-6 months at a time) with her own caravan of camels all over Egypt and the Sudan, where her knowledge of the desert – and camels – often put her male companions to shame. In … Continued

Adventure Podcast #25: Our Semi-Anniversary

This week we bring you a special show, to celebrate 6 fun-filled months and 25 scintillating episodes of the Adventure Podcast. Producer Vic and I look back over our first half-year and celebrate our wonderful guests. We also have a bit of a gossip and a catchup, and I deliver some breaking news about my audiobook(s). On Reflection As Vic and I remark on the … Continued

Adventure Podcast #24: Jason Lewis, First Human-Powered Global Circumnavigator (and a lot more besides)

I have to confess that I am a little in awe of this podcast’s guest, and I don’t say that lightly. Between 1994 and 2007, Jason Lewis travelled over 45,000 miles under his own power to complete the first human-powered circumnavigation of the world. He used bicycles, rollerblades, kayaks, swimming, rowing, walking, and his trusty pedal-powered boat Moksha to travel though 37 countries in 5 … Continued

Adventure Podcast #21: Rosie Stancer, Polar Explorer Doing What Is Necessary

Rosie and I first met back in 2005, when I wanted to pick her brains about expedition nutrition. Memorably – and accurately – described as a cross between Tinkerbell and the Terminator, Rosie is an outstanding polar explorer. In 1997 she was part of the McVities Penguin Polar Relay team. Listeners might remember that one of our early guests was Victoria Riches, who was also part … Continued

Adventure Podcast #20: Lloyd Figgins, Making Crazy Expeditions Less Crazy

Lloyd Figgins is an adventurer and speaker, and a risk management specialist. He has visited over 60 countries, and (of course) has rowed across an ocean – the Atlantic in 2011. He used that voyage to conduct scientific research into marine creatures, and continued that work in summer of last year up in the Arctic, particularly focusing on whales and dolphins.   When Life Gives … Continued

Adventure Podcast #19: Matt McFadyen, Polar Explorer and Motivational Speaker

Matt McFadyen is a record-breaking polar adventurer and sailor, and now an inspirational speaker with Peak Teams. He has been on three expeditions to the North Pole, becoming the youngest Australian to do so, and two long-haul sailing expeditions to Antarctica – in fact, that’s how it all started, back when he was just 22 years old. And last summer, he and his teammate Cam Webb paddled … Continued

Adventure Podcast #18: Sean Conway, Epic Swimmer, Cyclist, and Roller of Cheeses

In 2012 Sean Conway set out to become the fastest person to cycle around the world. He was on course for the world record, averaging an amazing 180 miles per day, when he was run over in America suffering a fractured spine. This ended his dream of the world record, but he still carried on at a reduced rate of 140 miles per day and arrived … Continued