Devastation: John Fairfax Rowed A Different Ocean

John Fairfax, who died on 8th February in Henderson, Nevada, was the first person to row solo across an ocean. In 1969 he spent 180 days alone at sea to row across the Atlantic from the Canaries to Florida. In 1971/2 he rowed across the Pacific with his girlfriend, Sylvia Cook. A colourful character never at a loss for a quotable soundbite, Fairfax was a … Continued

Serendipity in Sedona – Part II: Fit at Fifty

This is a different kind of serendipity than the one mentioned in my last blog. This Serendipity is a small ocean rowboat formerly owned by my friend, Sarah Outen, first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean (her book is available here). Serendipity, aka Dippers, was her trusty craft for the 124-day crossing. And to be strictly accurate, Dippers wasn’t in Sedona, but 20 … Continued

Serendipity in Sedona – Part I: Love and Grace

While in Sedona I was staying with Jan Messersmith, diver, photographer, blogger and missionary, and his new wife, Grace. The last time I had seen Jan was in Papua New Guinea, where he had lived for over 30 years. I well remember that day in the Solomon Sea, when I was still a day or so away from my destination port of Madang, when we … Continued

Sedona: Can You Feel The Force?

It had been a hard week’s work in Phoenix, Arizona, doing 3 presentations and a multitude of interviews for National Geographic, and I felt in need of some rest and recuperation. So I headed a couple of hours north into the desert, to the small town of Sedona, pop 10,031, founded 1902, elevation 4,500. I had never been to Sedona before, but had been intrigued … Continued

Valentine’s Message: I <3 Earth

What better way to spend the Valentine’s weekend than expressing love and appreciation for…. you’ve guessed it, Planet Earth. Not very romantic, maybe, but surely you wouldn’t expect me to get all hearts-and-flowers and sentimental in my blog, would you?! I expressed my appreciation last weekend by reconnecting with nature in Sedona, Arizona, via my camera lens. I love the way that photography helps to … Continued