Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain

Yesterday my life as an eco campaigner reached new heights – or depths. I spent much of the day talking crap – or maybe I should say, about crap. As I crouched next to a sewage outfall under Putney Bridge, I couldn’t help thinking what a very strange thing it was to be pontificating on camera about London’s problem with poo. Many strategies that make … Continued

Philosophy Friday Returns: Commencement Speech

I have been invited to give my first commencement speech. I was delighted to be invited to speak to the graduating class at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the start of May. We don’t have commencement speeches in England. My graduation from Oxford (having studied law, rowing and beer, not necessarily in that order of priority) was a baffling ceremony conducted entirely in Latin. … Continued

Why Alaska?

Today I am trading blogs with Eric McKittrick of Ground Truth Trekking. She and her husband, Hig, live in Alaska with their two small children, and bring attention to the beauty and challenges of the Alaskan wilderness by exploring their state and sharing their experiences online, as well as through films and books. Erin has written a beautiful blog, with some amazing photographs. I can see … Continued


Today I can reveal a bit more about my project for this summer. We are calling it TrashMobs – like flash mobs, but more trashy. It is going to involve me traveling around Britain by kayak and bicycle, pulling into a town each night to do a beach cleanup. All will be welcome to join me, and we’ll be publishing a map and schedule on … Continued

Happy New Year! (Belated)

Wishing you a very happy New Year. How is it treating you so far? Well, I hope. My new year has been exciting, but not in a bloggable kind of a way. I’ve been busy working on my plans for this summer’s expedition and making revisions to my Pacific book, but neither of those things are very interesting to report. And I’m increasingly a believer … Continued