Spend Your Sunday With Jack Johnson and Bag It

I am delighted to pass along a message from my friends at Bag It, a movie about the ubiquitous plastic bag. What Supersize Me did for McDonalds, and The Age of Stupid did for CO2, Bag It does for plastic bags. They have organised a “Month of Sundays” to highlight this issue at a time of year when we are doing more than our usual … Continued

Brother Number One

When planning my peregrinations around the world, there are many places on my list that I want to go to, but need a final additional reason to justify the trip. So when my New Zealand friend and ocean rower Rob Hamill told me he was going to be in Amsterdam for the International Documentary Film Festival and urged me to pop over the North Sea, it … Continued

Bagging Boris

Today I met up with the Greener Upon Thames folks in London, donned a coat of plastic bags, and chatted to Mike Dilger on camera for the BBC Inside Out programme. The combination of TV cameras and coat of garbage attracted a number of curious glances from passersby on Westminster Bridge, but that was exactly what we wanted, and we were able to bag (so … Continued

Photography as Meditation

I got back to Britain a few days ago, and have spent the last few days staying with another alumna of the Big Ben to Brussels hike, Jane Hornsby. She and her husband live in Steventon, a small village outside Oxford, that boasts more than its fair share of lovely old houses. Jane’s house dates back to the 1500s. I had a great time walking … Continued

Making Waves in Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, might not seem like the obvious place to hold an ocean symposium, but that is precisely what the Colorado Ocean Coalition did, and it was a great success. It is a little known (and somewhat disputed) fact that, despite being completely landlocked and perched high above sea level, Colorado has the highest number of scuba divers per capita in the US. So maybe … Continued

See you in San Francisco? Or Boulder?

On Thursday night I will be in San Francisco for an ocean rowing event. My friends Mick Dawson and Andrew Morris first rowed together in the Atlantic Rowing Race 2005 – the same race that I did. Andrew’s crossing got off to a rocky start (literally) when he fell and banged his head within the first few days. He was brought back to shore with … Continued

Pleiadeans and Politicians

Despite my resolutions to the contrary, life continues to be as hectic as ever. Here is a quick round-up of what has been going on. Last weekend was a little oasis of calm in the general craziness. I went away with the Pleiades, “a constellation of women working for a sustainable world”. And they are indeed a bunch of stars. I left the weekend feeling … Continued

My Top Five Power Apps

It seems like a long time since I was able to give expression to my inner geek and write a blog about technology. This Friday I was feeling more computer nerd and less the philosopher, so I hope you will overlook this break from schedule while I share with you my top five productivity-enhancing applications. None of them are new, for which I make no … Continued

Insanity Is The New Sane

Over the years I have got quite accustomed to people casting aspersions on my sanity. When new acquaintances say, on hearing about my ocean rowing exploits, “Are you crazy?” my stock answer has been, “I feel a lot less crazy now than I did in the days when I used to get up early, put on a suit, get on a crowded commuter train and … Continued