Day 120: BAD

Whatever it was that you all said to Neptune yesterday, it must have worked. Conditions today were beautiful once the clouds cleared. Wave height, wind speed, and temperature were all perfect for a comfortable and profitable day’s rowing. It is very rare to get good mileage AND pleasant conditions. In fact, in around 500 days at sea I can probably count such days on the … Continued

Day 118: Feng Shui Afloat

A couple of days ago the wind turned against me, so I was stuck on the sea anchor for about 36 hours. I took this as an opportunity for some major clearing – or at least cleaning – of the decks. I wrote myself a To Do list in the back of my logbook, and then set to work. You’d be surprised just how much … Continued

Day 117: Guest Blog: David Helvarg, Executive Director of Blue Frontier Campaign

I’ve been associated with the Blue Frontier Campaign, a nonprofit organization based in Washington DC, since before the start of my Pacific row. I was first introduced to David Helvarg, the Executive Director, by paddler and environmentalist Margo Pellegrino back in 2007. David’s guest blog touches on some issues that have cropped up in my own blogs recently, including the question of finding gainful service … Continued

Day 116: A Squadron of Squid

I’m not sure what the collective noun for a group of squid is, but today “squadron” seemed appropriate. There were several major outbreaks of wildlife during the day. A couple of times this morning I could hardly get my oars in the water because there were so many yellowfins in the way. I didn’t mean to hit them, but couldn’t see them under the ruffled … Continued