Day 79: Food, Food, Dubious Food

It seems that with my blogs on the subject of food (one of my favourite subjects, in fact), I have opened a can of worms (very good for your composting bin). Lots of comments. Thank you for those. I’d like to add a bit of clarification to what I was saying the other day. I wasn’t suggesting that the “nanny state” (is that a British … Continued

Day 78: Dragged Through an Ocean Backwards

It is now nearly 80 days since I last looked in a mirror, and it’s probably just as well. It would probably crack. I must be looking like the wild woman of the forest – or more accurately, the wild savage of the seas. But the great thing is: I really don’t care. It really doesn’t matter. The fish don’t mind (or, if they do, … Continued

Day 77: Stability Without Stagnation

I felt I had to respond to John Kay’s comment on last Philosophy Friday’s blog. Maybe he voiced what other people were thinking. Or maybe not. Anyway, it raises a couple of interesting points. He says: “No, we don’t need economic growth, but without it we wouldn’t have ipods or cell phones, or any sort of phone for that matter. No computers, either. It’s economic … Continued

Day 76: Food Fetishes

Food continues to preoccupy my mind. This is not unusual for me while at sea. Mealtimes are the punctuation marks in a day of rowing, and the anticipation is almost as enjoyable as the eating – in fact, sometimes more so. My foodie thoughts today have been fueled by “Eating for England“, by Nigel Slater. I hadn’t quite finished “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” – I had … Continued

Day75: People and Pig In Harmony

Food has been very much on my mind today. I’ve been listening to more of “”The Omnivore’s Dilemma“” by Michael Pollan. A very good book. If you’re short on time, just read the section about Polyface Farm (that is how it sounds, excuse me if misspelled). It is a beautiful example of how human and beast and land can co-exist harmoniously to the benefit of … Continued

Day 74: Name that Tuna.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, dead calm. Today, anything but. Back to 20 knot winds, coming at me out of the south, which is not really what I want at this stage. So I’ve been busy rowing, but to remarkably little effect. The rougher water meant I haven’t seen any fish today, apart from an acrobatic leap by one individual about twenty feet … Continued

Day 73: The Tales We Tell Ourselves

I promised I was going to talk about shifting consciousness this Philosophy Friday, but I’ve realized there’s something else I need to talk about first, namely, what is consciousness? I don’t claim to be a philosopher. I’ve never studied it, nor even read very much about it. I just think a lot. Quite possibly there is a proper philosophical definition of consciousness, but if there … Continued

Day 72: And After Lunch, Eradicating World Poverty

Faced with an adverse current, I rowed all morning and only made two miles. I don’t know quite how that works, as I would have thought I could out-row a 0.5kt current by more than that, but anyway, such is ocean life. So, this afternoon, rather than continuing to bang my head against the figurative brick wall (the nearest literal brick wall being some 1,500 … Continued

Day 70: Nothing Like a Global Catastrophe to Cheer Me Up.

Today was one of those good news, bad news, sagas. Good news that the wind is finally dropping. Bad news that at the very same time I ran into an adverse current, and without the wind to help me, I am going backwards. Good news is that the ocean is becoming calmer so I can engage the oars better. Bad news is that my shoulders … Continued