Day 84: Delayed, But Not Deterred

Today was another day of much work for little reward, as I once again pitted myself against the relentless current that has thwarted my progress for the last few days. This is where I almost wish I had a crewmate. Crews of two typically alternate shifts, each rower rowing for two hours while the other rests. It’s a brutal regimen, but it does mean that … Continued

Day 83: Urgent – Laughter Needed

Joan – you are a genius. You have absolutely hit the nail on the head. Some levity is PRECISELY what I need right now. All this earnest save-the-world stuff, combined with getting my ass kicked by this Indian Ocean, has led to spirits being, if not low, then somewhere around sea level. So some jokes or funny stories from my readers would be tremendously welcome. … Continued

Day 82: The Chaps Downstairs

I’ve been trying, but I just can’t regard the chaps downstairs as dinner. Some of you have been suggesting that I should get the fishing line out while I have the chance and the mahi mahi are milling around beneath my boat, but I just can’t do it. There have been at least five fish, possibly more, keeping me company today. Occasionally they leap into … Continued

Day 81: Two Heads Are Better Than One . . .

… but only one per person, ideally. Otherwise it’s very difficult to find shirts to fit. I’ve been pondering, but I’m a bit stuck, so I thought I’d put the word out to my network of informed, intelligent, creative blog readers to see if you can help me get going. Further to our recent conversations about how best to effect movement towards a more sustainable … Continued

Day 80: Shift Happens

Philosophy Friday #3… People often – and kindly – send me good vibes across the globe, from their homes to my rowboat. I’ve wanted, and tried, to literally feel these vibes, coming at me across the waves. No luck so far, but I’ll keep trying. Maybe it’s like spotting fish, or the “Magic Eye”, and I just haven’t tuned into the right wavelength. It would … Continued