Day 89: How to Avoid Huge Ships

It’s happened. I’ve finally run out of things to say. Or I’m just so brain-dead after a day of bashing my way across choppy waves that I can’t think of anything other than getting some kip. So I’ll share with you an email sent to me by my literary agent, Taryn Fagerness. She thought I would enjoy it – and she was right. There is … Continued

Day 88: Inching Across the Indian

I am inching my way out of the navigational deadlock I’ve been stuck in for over a week. Today I made 10 miles of progress in the right direction, and have finally broken out of that tiny square patch of ocean that I’ve been criss-crossing for what feels like forever. 10 miles may not sound very much reward for over 12 hours of rowing, but … Continued

Day 87: Climbing the Ladder of Influence

Philosophy Friday….. There has been some talk recently about individuals doing the right thing for the Earth is good, but it’s not enough. Little actions are important, but given the scale of the challenges that we now face, we all need to step up our efforts to a higher level. I tend to think of it as a “ladder of influence”. The bigger the action, … Continued