Day 58: Humans are Great. But I Might Be Biased

I hope I didn’t sound too misanthropic in my blog a couple of days ago. I meant what I said yesterday – that I love human beings, at least as individuals, if not always en masse. I wouldn’t be trying so hard to save our skins if I didn’t care about our continued existence. We really are amazing creatures. I think we often forget just … Continued

Day 57: Got Eggs?

Late this afternoon I was pulling in the sea anchor, and got quite a surprise. Last year on the Pacific the sea anchor drew in a very exciting visit from a baby whale shark, evidently fascinated by the big red-and-yellow jellyfish-like thing. The whale shark then spent the next 20 minutes circling my boat. Today’s haul wasn’t quite as exciting, but was definitely the second … Continued

Day 56:All That Construction is Making Me Itch

I get requests to do various interviews-by-email while I am at sea. It’s not that easy finding time to do them, the daily blog pretty much using up the time I can bear to sit in the cabin working at a laptop, but I do my best to get around to them eventually. After all, that’s what I’m out here for, isn’t it – to … Continued

Day 55: Consuming the Planet

After I finished reading Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy (by Martin Lindstrom) it really got me thinking about how we are being manipulated by advertisers and corporations, and in combination with Don’t Eat This Book: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America (by Morgan Spurlock, he of Supersize Me fame) it has given me a double whammy of food for thought – … Continued

Day 54: A Corduroy Moment

I had a little starstruck moment today, which boosted crew morale considerably. I had called Mum, as she’d texted to say that my transponder hadn’t updated my position for a few hours, and I wanted to reassure her that I was okay and to find out if it had started working again. We didn’t have a very good connection on the satphone, so I was … Continued