Day 28: Spiritual Supermarket

Today was a long day at the oars, with a goal from my weatherman to reach a particular latitude in order to rendezvous with good winds tomorrow, but I was kept going by a particularly good audiobook – “Holy Cow!” by Sarah McDonald. She is an Australia TV presenter, who spent two years in India when her boyfriend (later husband) was posted over there. She … Continued

Day 27: Ocean Rowing Versus Watching TV

One of the drawbacks to being alone on a rowboat is that there isn’t very much to do apart from, well, row. So on a day like today, when there isn’t any rowing to be done because the sea anchor is out, it’s a slow day for news. In fact, I spent part of today wondering just why I do this. There must be more … Continued

Day 26: Krakatoa

No, I haven’t wandered grievously off course. Krakatoa is the book I was listening to today, not where I am. Simon Winchester’s book was, as all his books are, informative, interesting, and well written. I bet he’d be a great dinner party guest. In 1883 Krakatoa, a volcano in Indonesia, erupted. That is probably rather an understatement. It exploded, rather than erupted. Four cubic miles … Continued

Day 25: Camera Shy Fishy Friend

It looks like my new friend the pilot fish has decided to stick around. I tried to take a photograph of him today, but as you can tell, had very limited success. Between the fast to-ings and fro-ings of the fish, and the slow reactions of my camera, he was usually out of frame by the time the shutter fired. He seems like a curious … Continued

Day 24: Picture This – A Perfect Ocean Rowing Day

Up front, you need to know that, so far, the perfect ocean rowing day exists only in my imagination. However, this is what it might feel like – close your eyes and try and picture this…. (I leave it to you to figure out how to continue reading my blog with your eyes shut The ocean is calm, with small rippling waves gently pushing your … Continued