Re-launch from Geraldton

Roz has rowed a good distance from the Australian coast but not quite regained her sea legs yet. Pictures courtesy of Colin Leonhardt : Sponsored Miles. On previous blogs, before Roz’s stopover in Geraldton, we had given names of sponsors up to 200 miles. Roz rowed nearer to 300 due to looping the loops. Fremantle to Geraldton is 241 miles, so we are now giving … Continued

It’s A Miracle: We’re Ready!

On Wednesday morning, as we drove north from Leeman to Geraldton, I had no idea what was going to happen next. Would we find good people to help reconfigure the watermaker, and to repair the hull? How quickly could we get it done? How much would it all cost? Underlying all these questions was the biggest question of all: Had it been a good idea to … Continued

On Australian Mateship

I was very moved to watch this news report by GWN, filmed in Geraldton on Wednesday, the day after my temporary arrival back on dry land. The bit that really struck me was towards the end, where our guardian angel and host for that first night, Don Ferguson, brushed aside praise for his kindness, referring to “the old Australian way of mateship”, i.e. helping each other … Continued

Onwards and Upwards!

This morning the alarm went off early. My boat had been parked overnight in the front garden of our hosts, Don and Margaret Ferguson, and after a quick breakfast we were on the road by 7am and heading north to Geraldton in search of people with the skills to help us get Sedna back out to sea. Don drove the flatbed truck, while June and … Continued

Benefit of Hindsight

It is the small hours of the night, and I am lying awake berating myself for not having made a better job of handling the media yesterday. I had enough warning that something was afoot, as the helicopter circled overhead as I was being towed in. So instead of expending my energy glaring viciously at the gas-guzzling helo, as if to shoot it down out … Continued

Stop Press

Ahem. Today did not go quite according to plan. A couple of days ago I alluded to a scheme that was developing, with details to be announced soon. Today I was rather overtaken by events. So I apologize enormously if you have already heard this news from another source. The Rozling community should be the first to know, so I am seizing this first opportunity to … Continued

Day 13: A Year at Sea

I must have been a little preoccupied yesterday, because it clean slipped my mind that it marked my 365th day at sea. Not consecutively, obviously, but when you add up my various voyages I have now spent cumulatively a year of my life in this little rowboat. I think that this may be a record for a woman. Not sure. Maud Fontenoy may possibly have … Continued

Day 12: Easter Funny

Just a quick blog tonight, as it’s been a long day. There are some plans afoot that I think you’ll be interested in, but they’re not sufficiently developed at this stage for me to tell you about them just yet. So yes, I’m just being annoying and telling you that they exist, while not telling you what they are. Sorry! I’ll tell you just as … Continued

Day 11: Limericking

Oh UncaDoug, what have you started? Last night I couldn’t get to sleep, and started thinking up limericks. And it’s gone on all day today too. Once you start thinking in limerick-ish, it’s very hard to stop. I hope this wears off soon! None of them are very good, and I’m afraid they are mostly about me, but there isn’t much alternative material available out … Continued

Day 10: Earth Day X 120

Now that we have such notable events as Chocolate Appreciation Day and Secretary Appreciation Day, it seems a bit measly to only give one day of appreciation to the entire planet without which we wouldn’t be here. Chocolate and secretaries are, of course, very important and much deserving of appreciation, but in the overall scheme of things don’t really fall into the same category as … Continued