T Minus 7 (Yes, 7!): Boat Shed Debrief

I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who came along to the UWA Boat Shed for our fundraising event last night, and contributed to a very successful and memorable evening. We raised about $2,000, and had a tremendous time to boot. It was fantastic to see so many people there, and thanks also to those who joined us for an afterglow event … Continued

Event: This Thursday in Perth, Australia

This Thursday I will be speaking at the University of Western Australia Boat Shed on Hackett Drive in Crawley. 6pm. In fact, you kind of get two for the price of one, because I will be “in conversation with” James Lush from ABC Perth. More information here. So if you happen to find yourself in Perth, join us, or if you know somebody who lives … Continued

Drastic Plastic: It’s Down To Us

Last night I returned from the 5th International Marine Debris Conference. The conference isn’t over yet, but I have an ocean to row (12 days and counting!) so I had to get back to Fremantle in Australia for final preparations. The conference was eye-opening, in the same uncomfortable and disillusioning way that Copenhagen/COP15 was. I had thought that plastic pollution was much less contentious than, say, … Continued

Fighting the Plastic Peril

I am presently in Hawaii for the 5th International Marine Debris Conference. Last night I keynoted at the opening reception at the Marriott in Waikiki. I thought you might be interested to hear what I said – or rather, what I intended to say. I don’t speak from notes, so it always comes out a bit differently from what I drafted, but hopefully bears some … Continued

Cuddly Kangaroos and Koalas

There is a fantastic TED talk by Daniel Kahneman on the two kinds of happiness: 1. Remembered happiness: so that when you look at your life, you feel good about how you lived it 2. Experienced happiness: feeling happy in the moment As I understood his ideas, neither kind of happiness is better than the other. Ideally, you get a balance of the two. I’m … Continued

Super-Green Sydney Sunday

A super-quick update on a super-green day yesterday. I was up early to catch the ferry over to Manly for Clean Up Australia Day. I was on underwater cleanup duties, and joined a small group of divers to kit up in scuba gear. I’m used to diving in tropical waters surrounded by colourful corals and vivid fishies, so it was rather different to walk in … Continued

Pirate Attacks

It is a little surreal that my overriding worry for the upcoming Eat-Pray-Row should be pirates. The idea seems so sixteenth century. They should long ago have been relegated to history, along with lacy ruffs and codpieces. But piracy is alive and kicking and dominating the Arabian Sea. The issue even merits its own entry in Wikipedia. I started my investigations last week, after hearing … Continued

Volunteers Wanted To Help Organise Blog Archive

I started drafting a blog about the pirate issue that has been so much on my mind (and on my Twitter) over the last few weeks. But I need to consult with a couple more experts before I am ready to go public with my revised plan. Meanwhile, I have an important request to make. Newcomers to the website would find it extremely difficult to … Continued