Good Green News

Thus far 2011 had been rather a gloomy year green-wise for me. Much conversation about sustainability party-poopers such as indestructible plastics in the ocean, out-of-control genetically engineered crops in Western Australia, runaway climate change on the Antarctic Peninsula, and collapsing fish stocks everywhere. Much as I like to focus on the positive, it wasn’t always easy to look on the bright side of eco-life. So … Continued

Sedna in Surgery

I arrived back in Australia a few days ago, flying into Brisbane. Even though everybody there is still reeling from the double whammy of horrific floods followed by a cyclone, I was able to have a few useful meetings, including an all-important taste test of the rawfood crackers that are being prepared by ROAR Foods for the Indian Ocean crossing. There was also time for … Continued

Antarctica Day 10: A Fitting Epitaph

Seen today on the scales in the ship’s fitness room: “Travel is not about where you’ve been, but what you’ve gained.” Haha. To be sure, I have gained an awful lot over the last 10 days, in every sense – experiences, friends, insights, and pounds (to clarify – not pounds sterling, alas, but pounds lard.) I’d like to say a huge thank you to all … Continued

Antarctica Day 8: Taking the Polar Plunge

Sunrise 0443, Sunset 2203 Position 64 degrees 35.60′ South, 62 degrees 41.54′ West This lunchtime I took the plunge – literally. All passengers on board the Explorer were invited to do the “Polar Plunge”, a quick leap into the 32 degree (0 degrees Celsius) waters of the Southern Ocean. Admittedly, not many chose to accept the invitation, being much too sensible. But I just wanted … Continued