Speaking Tour Wrap Party

Phewee. I’m only just now drawing breath after the whirlwind that was my speaking tour of the US and Canada, so I’m taking a break from this series of motivational blogs to say some well-deserved thank yous. You might recall that a few months ago I put out the word on this blog that I wanted to travel around North America, with the dual purpose … Continued

Goal Setting

When I set out across the Atlantic, I had set myself a target of rowing for 16 hours a day, every day. When tendonitis set in within the first week, causing a grinding pain in my shoulders whenever I rowed, I used this as a reason (or excuse?) to cut short my hours – but then gave myself a hard time for not living up … Continued

Getting Things Done

When the idea to row across oceans first popped into my head, my first reaction was, “That’s perfect! This is the project I’ve been looking for!” My second reaction was, “I can’t possibly. There’s no way. I’m just a management consultant.” But then I reached the dangerous stage of thinking, “Well, hypothetically, supposing I was going to row across an ocean, what would I need … Continued

Embrace Change

So you’ve found your life purpose – or it has found you. But now it all seems rather daunting and scary. It’s going to require (gasp!) change – and this makes a lot of people uncomfortable. This is understandable. There is a primitive part of your brain that doesn’t like change. It reckons that you have survived for this long by doing things a certain … Continued

Life Purpose Principles

This is the first in a new series of blogs, focusing on nine things that I reckoned I’ve learned about how to be happy and healthy. Why nine and not ten? Well, I like threes, so three squared seemed like a good number. And ten is just so very… well, DECIMAL. Ten commandments always seemed to me just a tad too many. So nine it … Continued