Climate Ride Day 4

Today the energy flagged. I thought it was just me, and my lack of biking fitness taking its toll, but almost everyone I’ve spoken to has felt the accumulated weariness of 4 days and 234 miles. Even the pretty Maryland countryside failed to revive flagging spirits, and the rolling hills – some of which rolled just a bit too steeply – taxed our tired legs. … Continued

Climate Ride Day 3

Today dawned bright and beautiful over our campsite in a field next to the YMCA in Phoenixville, PA. After yet another hearty breakfast we set out through gorgeous countryside into Amish country. Even though the images are familiar from “Witness” I still got a kick out of seeing men in broad-brimmed hats sitting in tidy little horse-pulled carriages or working in fields behind horse-pulled ploughs. … Continued

Climate Ride Day 2

I’ve had better starts to a day – although I suppose I’ve had worse ones too. At least today I didn’t find that I was unexpectedly 15 miles further away from my destination, as sometimes happened on the ocean. The rain had been unrelenting last night, and I woke up this morning to find that my sleeping bag was sopping wet. I thought I had … Continued

Climate Ride Day 1

Seems to me that the Climate Ride is going to have a lot in common with ocean rowing. It makes me yearn for a massage, and leaves my butt sore. The big difference is that the scenery is a lot more varied, and the company is a lot more stimulating than during my solitary mid-ocean existence. This morning the 100-plus riders set out early from … Continued

Ocean Champions

I can’t believe that it’s still less than 3 weeks since I arrived in Tarawa. Already the 104 days I spent on the ocean seem like a fast-fading dream as I get back up to speed and start looking forward in earnest to Copenhagen. I was delighted with the way that things worked out in Tarawa. Thanks to Nicole, Ian, Conrad and Hunter, I was … Continued

You’re Going To Love This. I Do!

The highlights of Stage 2 – 104 days condensed into 1:40 mins. If only the voyage had been this easy! It’s pretty dynamic, so get ready, brace yourself, pay attention, sit back and enjoy – here we go….! Roz Savage Pacific Row Stage 2 Highlights All due credit to Dawn Pasinski – hasn’t she done an amazing job?! Huge thanks also to ScubaDrew and Ray … Continued

10/17/09 The Ocean River Institute Presents: Roz Savage, Ocean Rower

The Ocean River Institute Presents: Roz Savage, Ocean Rower 7 p.m., Saturday October 17, 2009 at the Regatta Bar, the Charles Hotel, Cambridge, MA During the Head of the Charles Regatta Weekend ~ Please Come and Support Roz Savage and ORI’s Efforts To Make Our World Greener! ~ Roz Savage is “paddling the Pacific Ocean, rowing towards a greener world, one stroke at a time” … Continued

9/26-30/09 Climate Ride from NYC to DC

Because I haven’t had enough exercise for one year (?!) I am going to be taking part in the Brita Climate Ride, a “climate conference on wheels”, riding 300 miles from New York City to Washington DC to deliver a message to the Capitol on climate change. I’ll be giving a presentation to the other riders on the 28th. I will, of course, be blogging … Continued

9/21/09 Appearance at World Premiere of The Age of Stupid

Tonight I will be appearing at the New York premiere of the important sustainability movie, The Age of Stupid. In fact, I will be arriving in a rowboat with the film’s dynamic director, Franny Armstrong. If you are watching the premiere in your own local cinema, hopefully you will get to see me in the pre-film action screened live from New York. I was at … Continued

Food for Body and Food for Mind

In the fourth retrospective on Stage 2 of the Pacific, I’m considering two of my favorite subjects – food and books. Both played a significant role in my voyage – mostly as bribes to myself to get through the next rowing shift. We all need our treats! Favorite foods: 1.    Wilderness Family Naturals products – a new sponsor – turned out to be a real … Continued