Day 99 – Bula from Fiji

Bula from Fiji…and from the other side of the international date line! Team Roz arrived safe and sound at Nadi International Airport just before 3:00 pm local time. Please forgive my mistake on the blog this morning – I said we were arriving on Monday, September 1st and of course, I meant Monday, August 31st. That blog entry was rife with errors, and I can … Continued

RozTracker Update

UPDATE: September 2, 2009, 9:43am HST Roz has re-enabled GPS tracking in the RozTracker. All data that was hidden for the past few days is now available. August 30, 3009, 12:03pm HST: For those of you who have been closely monitoring the RozTracker, you will see that Roz’s position has not updated for almost a day now. Per Roz’s request, we have turned off position … Continued

Day 98 – Team Roz is on the Move

Up and at ‘em everyone! Today’s the big day! Team Roz is on the move… Saturday was a fantastically busy day. I raced around getting clothes and gear packed for Roz and myself, and spent lots of time on the internet and on the phone, tying up last minute details. New contacts and very helpful information from Tarawa continued to trickle in about clothing requirements, … Continued

Day 97 – Operation Tarawa

HONOLULU, HAWAII “Whatever I say in the next 10 minutes, please promise me you’ll still be my friend…that you won’t hate me?” When you hear such a plea, you just know that whatever follows will be some pretty serious news. The fact is, I knew it was coming. Wednesday’s rowing conditions were so wretched for Roz that I was certain she’d call me very soon … Continued

Day 96 – Announcement: Changing Course

It seems to be my karma in this lifetime to be faced from time to time with tough decisions – and this one is up there in my Top Ten Tough Decisions Of All Time. I spent most of last night agonizing over it. The night seemed hotter than usual in my cabin, and I was – literally and metaphorically – sweating over my options. It had been … Continued