Day 28 – Comrades in Oars

Day 28 – Comrades in Oars Since Nicole sent me some excerpts from the Golden Gate Endeavour blog,I've been thinking quite a bit about my friends Chris Martin and MickDawson as they row across the north Pacific from Japan to San Francisco.And, sorry guys, but mostly I've been thinking I'm happy I'm not you! Ithink that rowing an ocean in a pair would be a … Continued

Day 27 – Paddlers Passions (and another pet peeve)

Day 27 Paddler's Pet Pacific Passions As the flipside to yesterday's gripes about my pet peeves, here are someof the compensations to life on an ocean rowboat (and in case this isall a bit too Pollyanna for you, skip to Other Stuff where I once againget something off my chest…) Good things about ocean rowing: 7. Getting an all-over suntan – I even alternate my … Continued

Day 25 – With A Little Help From My Friends

Seems that so far this voyage's blog has been dominated by boobies,bums, and bird poo. I felt it was time to raise the tone a bit, and talkabout my boat – or, more specifically, some of the people who haveworked on her. I often feel like a bit of a fraud when I claim to be a "solo oceanrower" because although the rowing bit is … Continued

Day 23 – 10 Adventures Before I Die (Or Get Too Decrepit)

I rowed for a couple of hours this morning, and took a real drenching –from waves over the side of the boat and from a passing rain squall.Normally this would have been very welcome – some nice fresh rain tocool me down. But wet conditions make skin much more fragile, and mydrenching did me no favors, given my current delicate condition. So I went exploring … Continued

Day 22 – Getting Sun Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Phew, relieved to log on to email and find I'm not up on any obscenitycharges after yesterday's rather risque rump romp photo… Today I took a day off from rowing to allow my poor suffering backside achance to recover. But the trouble with taking a day off on a rowboat isthat there isn't much to do on a rowboat apart from…. row. It isdefinitely not … Continued

Day 21 – International Day of the Bottom

Day 21 – International Day of the Bottom Just the other day (World Oceans Day, I think) I was remarking howimportant it is to have days of appreciation for things that gounappreciated the remaining 364 days of the year. Well, today itoccurred to me that there is an important date currently missing fromthe calendar – the International Day of the Bottom. There they are, doing … Continued

Day 20 – There’s No Business Like Row Business

Today was my best day's mileage so far – according to the ship's log(writing that makes me feel like Captain Kirk) I've covered 42 nauticalmiles in the last 24 hours. Very pleasing, although I deliberately don'tget over-jubilant about such things in case, as is likely, tomorrow is aslower day. All things change, and everything passes, as I keepreminding myself every time I have to sit … Continued