Day 33 – Movie Moments

Thursdays are media days – when I record my podcast with Leo and alsomake a short video to be inserted into its prepared shell and posted toYouTube. But apart from my mulitmedia activities today was fairlyunremarkable. I tried listening to the audiobook of Revolutionary Roadbut it was too depressing. So I decided to amuse myself by compiling a list of my favorite filmscenes. Not the … Continued

TEAM UPDATE: Roz to hit 1,000 miles…SOON!

Hi Everyone,   Great news…our fearless friend Roz is making amazing progress and in the next 24 hours, she’ll cross the 1,000 mile mark!   Show your support, help us raise some money for Roz and join in a fun game: make your guess as to the exact time (to the nearest second) that she’ll hit that mark. Use the RozTracker to inform your guessing. … Continued

Day 31 – Still Smiling

Day 31 – Reasons to be Cheerful I'm feeling rather beaten up today. I've developed a twinge in my rightpectoral, which is causing discomfort on every stroke. But wherethere's a will there's a way. I've had to adopt a rather differentrowing style, placing the blade carefully in the water with my arm atfull extension and using the muscles in my shoulders, back and legs tocomplete … Continued

Day 30 – Rowing Naked in the Rain

Day 30 – No Such Thing As Bad Weather? The British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes once famously declared, "Thereis no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing." I maybeg to differ. My clothing today was eminently appropriate – as usual Iwas au naturel – but the weather was decidedly bad as far as I wasconcerned. I was woken this morning by a teeth-rattling … Continued