Day 8 – The Retrospective Perspective

Today I've been listening to the audiobook of The Time Traveller's Wife,which has got me thinking about the whole notion of seeing my life as awhole, birth to death, rather than being so bound up in the presentmoment. It's quite a useful perspective – the retrospective perspective. Makes it a lot easier to handle a bit of discomfort when I imagine itfrom the point of … Continued

Day 7 – Ocean Rowing is Less a Sport, More a Skin Condition

This memorable line comes from the film "Row Hard No Excuses" – a taleof two American rowers competing in the 2001 Atlantic Rowing Race. Inthe film they then go on to show unappealing pictures of rowers' hands(blistered) and bums (pimpled). I will spare you such images – showingyou instead a rather nice picture of the Brocade taken during myafternoon swim. But I will spend a … Continued

Day 6: Getting Out Of My Depth (And My Boat)

Today was a good day for mileage. According to my logbook, I've covered38 nautical miles (a nautical mile is 15% further than a statute mile)and I crossed the line of latitude at 20 degrees north. I'm a bitmystified as to why the mileage was so good – for most of the day therehas been very little wind, and I put in the same number of … Continued

Day 5: Waterworld

Only Day 5, but already land seems like a dim and distant memory, andI'm starting to get into the rhythm of life back on board my boat. As Isaid to Leo Laporte in our podcast this morning, switching between myland-based life and my ocean life is maybe a bit like switching betweendriving on the right and driving on the left – the more times I … Continued

Day 4: Sisyphus Eat Your Heart Out

Mileage for Day 2: 26Mileage for Day 3: 13Mileage for Day 4: -6 Yet I've rowed the same number of hours each day. That's just the way itgoes. Reward is rarely proportionate to effort. Today I've had to rowjust for the workout rather than for the progress. The problem has been the headwind coming out of the south-southeast -not a strong one, but enough to … Continued