Regular Updates Beginning

THE MORNING AFTER: On Rick Shema’s Weather Update – do go and have a look – is a good report of yesterday’s events. My personal thanks to Rick and his family for allowing me to stay there in the run-up to Roz’s arrival. (You can find Rick’s information by clicking here. Rita.) It is now just after 5pm Hawaiian time and Roz has just called … Continued

Day 98 Countdown to Roz’s Arrival

Countdown to Roz’s Arrival – Possibly Monday September 1. On Thursday I flew over the Pacific from California to Hawaii for nearly five hours, at a speed of about 500 miles per hour. The ocean appeared to be so vast, so empty, so endless. Involved as I have been with Roz since she departed on May 25th, I still find it incredible that my daughter … Continued

Day 97: Pearl of Peace

This afternoon, as the clouds of a squall passed away, I glanced over my shoulder and saw land – the first land I’ve seen since I rowed past the Farralone Islands just west of San Francisco. That was on May 26th, many miles and several watermakers ago. I was seeing the cloud-shaded outlines of Maui and Molokai, two of the Hawaiian islands that lie between … Continued

Day 96: Guest Blog: International year of the Reef

Aloha! I am honored to be asked by Roz and her support team to provide a blog entry so that Roz can concentrate on rowing to Hawai’i. We can’t wait to greet her in Waikiki! I have not had the pleasure yet of meeting Roz but from what I have read and heard, she is simply amazing! To even begin to imagine myself embarking on … Continued

Day 95: Hello Hawaii – Almost

Today I passed the line of longitude of Hilo, which lies on the western side of the Big Island of Hawaii. This marks the start of the final countdown into Waikiki. When I did the Atlantic Rowing Race, the race organizers decided to call it a valid Atlantic crossing as soon as a crew passed the line of longitude of Barbados – even though the … Continued