Drastic Plastic – The World Wises Up

Woodside, California The environmental time bomb represented by plastic in the world’s oceans has at last come to the attention of the media. Thank you to the many people who have sent me links to recent coverage in the British press, much of it arising from the publication of a study by a team at the University of Plymouth. Dr Richard Thompson suggests that microscopic pieces … Continued

Lead Shot: A Satisfactory Conclusion

Woodside, California Many thanks to all who have exercised their minds and Googles to help me find lead shot to ballast my boat. It has been a huge assistance and much appreciated. I am happy to announce that, as of today, the problem is resolved. Ken, whose comments you may have seen on this site, put me onto a supplier in LA. So I then … Continued

A Weighty Matter

Woodside, California A few people have raised the very valid point that putting extra weight in my boat will slow me down. Fans of Rob Hamill’s book, The Naked Rower, will recall that he was obsessive about keeping excess weight to as little as possible, taking only the bare (!) minimum of personal items and even dumping food overboard when it became clear that they were … Continued


Woodside, California My friend Steve Roberts – gonzo tech-head and veteran of an epic 7 year recumbent bicycle tour- sent me a link to this article from the LA Times, reporting “A Primeval Tide of Toxins” that is affecting the world’s oceans. Apparently runoff from modern life is feeding an explosion of primitive organisms that is killing larger species and sickening people. And another friend, Sinead – she … Continued

P.S. on Lead Shot

Woodside, California Many thanks to all who have come up with ideas on where I can obtain lead shot – and also to those who have pointed out that it is an “enviro-nasty”, with bad effects on fish, water, and potentially me. I would like to point out that the lead would be basically “sequestered” – encased in resin, in a sealed compartment in the … Continued