Sisters with Blisters

Kendal, Cumbria I am now back at my sister’s house in Kendal, after we completed the West Highland Way together on Thursday afternoon. We covered 95 miles in 6 days, which may not sound much (especially since I found out there are some hardnuts who run it in under 24 hours) but it’s no mean achievement either – especially carrying a full pack of tent, … Continued

Gone Hiking

By the time you read this I will still be out hiking on Scotland’s West Highland Way, without access to internet. I will probably be suffering from blisters, trench foot (it’s going to be WET) and internet withdrawal symptoms, but otherwise having a great time… I’ve temporarily run out of ruminations, but didn’t want to leave too long between blogs, so here is a rather … Continued

Footsore But Happy

Inversnaid, Scotland Unexpectedly I have internet access tonight – at the Inversnaid Bunkhouse. We are camping in the grounds tonight, but I am currently sitting in the gorgeous living room of this converted chapel, feeling clean and refreshed after my first shower in 2 days, and looking forward to a hot dinner. My sister and I are two days into the West Highland Way, a … Continued

Roz’s Ruminations 3: I’ve Got The Power

Theory: Few things have intrinsic power. Most things only have as much power as we allow them to have. Giving away your power to externals leads to unhappiness. I’ve had my share of addictions – cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, eating, not eating. At the time it seemed that each of these things had uncontrollable power over me. But they only had that power because I allowed … Continued