Eating for England

500,000 calories – 102 kg of food, including 300 snack bars, 100 sachets of porridge, 7 kg dried milk, 140 sachets of hot chocolate. The photo shows my mother dividing up my huge quantities of provisions into ration packs for my time at sea. In addition to the food, there are 940 wet wipes, 6 tubes of sun cream, 4 tubes of nappy salve, an … Continued

Southampton Boat Show

Pending the arrival of adequate oars, it seemed as good a time as any to do some retail therapy. Manolo Blahniks? Prada? No. Musto, cargo nets and safety harness. And a quick catch-up with my one cash sponsor, the Happy Hippy Colin Habgood. And his mate Peter Lewer, seen here enjoying a fine repast in the Mariners’ Restaurant at the Boat Show. Also had the … Continued

Need longer oars? No, raise the Atlantic!

Minor crisis this week – after taking extensive advice from Howard Croker and Peter Hogden re how long my oars should be, turns out they’re about 20cm too short to reach the water. And this despite extensive sessions with measuring tape and spirit level. Still not quite sure where it all went wrong (probably something to do with me being about a foot shorter than … Continued

Soft as a baby’s bottom, thanks to Green People

16 hours on a rowing machine can take its toll, especially on the sit-upon, as my mother would call it. Towards the end of a particularly sweaty training session it felt as if I was sitting on razor blades – and this is in my living room, before saltwater and tropical heat have been added into the equation. Fortunately Green People have come to the rescue. … Continued

The Dreaded Dunker

I survived! Obviously. This is me after the final dunking – the one in pitch darkness. And no, I’m not being sick – am just trying to get the water out of my nose. It wasn’t exactly my idea of fun – in fact I’d been dreading it. Way back in June, when Cdr Mike Pearey first suggested I might like to do the Royal … Continued

Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank may or may not be able to confirm as keynote speaker at my party, but either way I’m glad I had the chance to meet him. And he gave me a lift to the station in his Humvee – cool! The meeting was set up through a mutual friend, who gave me Chris Eubank’s number and told me to give him a call. … Continued

Family Richardson

I’m starting to feel quite the local celebrity. While the Sedna Solo has been at Dolphin Quay Boatyard there has been a steady stream of visitors dropping by to enquire what the purpose of this strange-looking boat might be. The other day someone even asked me for my autograph. It’s a small kind of fame, and rather fun. This is me with Thomas and Edward … Continued